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Book: Sophia's Journal by Najiyah Diana Maxfield

Reviewer: Maria

Sophia's Journal by Najiyah Diana Maxfield is a page-turning story
about a twenty-first-century ordinary Muslim girl named Sophia. One
day she goes out biking and falls in the river where she goes and goes
until she hits her head on a rock, then wakes up with no idea where
she is and after a while, she is with a loving family called the
Sampson in 1857. Sophia is the type of person who gets scared easily
but now she has to grab all of her courage to try to adapt life in the
past. This book is great for anyone who loves history and who wants to
read about strong female characters and Muslims. I learned a lot of
history and what it really means to be a Muslim in a very interesting
way. I would recommend this book for ages 10 and up.

Sophia's Journal is available for purchase at the Few of a Kind Store.

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